Welcome to Trophy Breeders™

Trophy Breeders™ is an association of specialist game breeders with several decades of cumulative, proven experience in quality game farming.

This unique association was created in mid-2009, when two of the founding members shared a vision to join an exclusive group of rare species game breeders.

The Trophy Breeders™ vision is to:

  • Focus on outstanding quality animals, selected according to specific minimum criteria
  • Subscribe to the highest ethical standards
  • Offer quality animals for sale at an annual auction (The first Trophy Breeders™ auction was held on Friday, 20 August 2010)

In the months that followed the first Trophy Breeders™ auction, other game breeders with the same standards were identified and invited to join. All members of Trophy Breeders™ are like-minded individuals who are passionate about game breeding, committed to produce quality game. Individually, each member enjoys an excellent reputation in the industry. Collectively, they form a formidable team that takes the lead in the quality game breeding industry.

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Trophy Breeders™ Sable and Roan Seminar

Pretoria, 11 May 2013

Download the informative presentations by Garry Donian, Dries Visser Snr and Louis van der Watt.

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A Breed Apart (Autumn 2013)

Trophy Breeders™ produce a regular newsletter called A Breed Apart. Information about members and unique Trophy Breeders™ events are published in the newsletter. Download a copy of the most recent Trophy Breeders™ newsletter as a PDF above.

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News from Trophy Breeders™

News from Exotic Game Breeders

  • Monday, 12 August, 2013

Exotic Game Breeders represented well at Friday’s Trophy Breeders™ auction
Exotic Game Breeders is a co-owned […]